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About us
Ecologic Association Eko "Natyra"- Tetovo
Association’s background:

Who we are

-We are a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit association that aims at promoting and implementing the Programme to support the development and maintenance of a pure environment

-We are a group of enthusiasts, unhappy with the situation “mother nature” is in, with a reasonable desire to via our activeness and field work, make changes in the present situation, in the area of environment conservation.

- We can say this proudly – there are many positive effects, we have been supported in our activities by the majority of the population, in particular by students, therefore, this enhances us to engage ourselves even more.
Our members are:
- Young people, students, teachers, professors, doctors, managers, ministers, engineers, veterinarians – so, people that are united by love for the nature and the wish through activities to stimulate among ordinary people the importance of a pure environment.

- The only condition for one to become our partner (member) is to love the nature with all one’s heart.

- Our home is open for well-minded people, honest people, caring people, responsible people and the people that make efforts to be all this.
- We haven’t reported as a condition the big number of members – the quantity is not necessary.

- The quality (nature lovers) has our doors open; therefore, we always greet and appeal to those people: "Please, join us".

- Come to the nature! Let’s have a bath in crystal water, let’s inhale fresh air, let’s enjoy the gurgling waters, the birds’ chirping and simply, let’s feel the land as our own.

- You might help a lot with your presence, your advices and your efforts, which shall help in overhauling the nature, the children, the mountain flowers, the trees, the fog… and we are grateful to you as of this moment.

We hope to a success, since we believe in the Nature
photo galery
Gjurri i Habibit-Ceripashina
Natural beauties of Sharr mountain
Motiv vjeshte -babasanjca
photo galery
Renovation of the Picnic sites-Ambasador of the Swizerland Lazarotto
Renovation of the Picnic sites-Ambasador of the Swizerland Lazarotto
Renovation of the Picnic sites in the Sharr mountain
photo galery
Outdoor exhibition
Ambasador Agim Çejku
Cultural and artistic program
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