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Basic objectives of Eko-Natura
Basic objectives of our Association

- Raising the ecologic awareness, especially among the young population, as well as informing the public on the achievements made in the area of ecology and implementation of the Programme on education and environmental arrangement in urban areas.

- Cooperation with all relevant and international institutions that tackle the environmental problems.

- Natural resources are exhausting, therefore we need to be assured that only consistent utilisation of resources, pollution prevention and conservation of natural inheritance are the key to the improvement of the quality of life.

• Education-ecology projects

- Marking the Ecology Day, the Day of our planet
-Creating eco-patrols throughout the schools in our region

• Research-promotion projects
- Eco-camps in nature
-Eco-education around educational institutions

• Work-environment projects

- Field work to overhaul the situation
- Avoiding nature’s degrading
- Afforestation
- Visit to rare beauties of Sharr Mountain

- Programmes on environment arrangement

- Cleaning and arranging the environment in our picnic places
- Cleaning the Shkumbin River
- Conservation and arrangement of resources
- Afforestation and maintenance of forests
- Arranging the green spots
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