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- Promotion of naтural and cultural heritage of Sharr mountain.
- Promotion of naural and cultural “Ambassadors Lawn”
Ecological association “Eko-Natura” Dean of ambassadors accredited to Macedonia (at the same time ambassadors of the Republic of Albania sir. Arben Cejku supported by minister of ecological in Republic of Macedonia sir. Abdilaqim Ademi ath the place called “Sidoll Stone”,organized an event to reap the accredited diplopmatic in R.Macedonia ,where he promоted the natyral beauty and cultural heritage of the people of Sar
-On this accasion for the participants was organized :
* An exhibition in kind whith 30 photos (80cm*60cm) from prstine tourist attractions in the Sar Mountains.
*Ambassadors present tested traditional meals prepared by residents of villages Sar
*Village youth of Shipkovica had organized an entertaining cultural program whith dance song figured from highland villages motiovated Sar.
* On this accasion the participant decided that this place be symbolic named “Ambassadors Lawn” with inscription plates sets and this event be traditional.
*The photographs of the exhibitions was donated ambassadors in tribute to their presence.
*At the end all the participants visited :Stan of Shipkovice” where he whitnessed the heart width and generosity of the pepole of Sar.
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